Exact JobBOSS Customer Portal

Shop Floor Dashboard

Requires Purchase of Lojic Dashboards

Keep the back of your shop as informed as the Front

Learn about ways to display important information to the back of the shop. Continuously update your shop staff about information specific to their work area:

  • What's late
  • What's on-time
  • Routing operation
  • What's urgent
  • What’s coming next

When your whole shop is informed, they are able to react and be agile. Save your foreman time!


  • Increase job visibility on the shop floor
  • Monitor:
       o What jobs are ahead, behind, or on-time
       o See what jobs are next in the queue
  • Jobs that are in risk of being late change color
  • Refresh rate can be easily modified by the shop owner
  • Dashboard can be customized with additional consulting
  • Shop Dashboard v3.0 requires Lojic Dashboards to utilize security and author roles, and template designer features


"Works beautifully on a 65" size TV, used mostly so machinists can glance up and see the next two upcoming jobs, and stage the materials."

- Drew Kittle, Precision Fluid Controls

"it works great, visually you can see what they are working on, and the ability to see if they are on time. Anybody can see what's going on. If  we see RED then management can go over to help out."

- Chris Gorman, Janeway Machine Inc.

"Use it for scheduling two departments, wood and corrugated, so the guys can follow the schedule. The operators can go to the area where the travelers are printed/stored and know which traveler to take next.  It made scheduling more effective, which leads to on time deliveries.  Color coding for a job coming due turns yellow and past due date becomes RED."

- Guy Ockerlund, Ox Box