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NVP Software Validation Testing

Reduce cost and complexity of software validation

Manufacturing shops have to comply with a whole range of standards. And that can include demonstrating you follow a Software Quality Assurance (SQA) program. JobBOSS has partnered with NVP Software Solutions to provide a Software Quality Assurance (SQA) program. NVP Software Solutions provides the regression test validation for JobBOSS customers that must show proof of software validation for certification compliance.

Rachel Hansen, Director of Professional Services introduces NVP


Who is NVP

NVP Software Solutions provides industry leading software quality assurance and testing services, customized to address client’s business requirements. These services are provided by qualified talent utilizing modern industry standards and proven best practices to provide exceptional value to clients.

Why we recommend NVP

  • Customizable to your individual business requirements.
  • Satisfies audit requests to maintain registration and client audit requirements.
  • Reduces your SQA costs by over 80% compared to similar SQA service providers.
  • Removes the need to hire a full time SQA specialist.

Available Services

NVP offers nearly three decades of experience and a proven, cost-effective approach. 3 packages. 1 outcome.

  • Base Package: Meets the software quality assurance needs of most JobBOSS customers.
  • Add-ons Package: Additional validation for most JobBOSS add-on products including uniPoint, ShopBOSS, Synergy, Data Collection, QuickBooks, and Sage.
  • Audit Assistance Package: Extra quality and audit services customized to meet your precise needs.