Exact JobBOSS Customer Portal



We are excited to announce our new ECI Manufacturing Community pages! Today, we begin our transition moving away from the existing Max/Macola/JobBOSS Customer Portals to our new site. The ECI Manufacturing Community pages contain links similar to those used in the past to search knowledgebase articles, submit new support cases, view your support case history, and access software downloads.

Access the new site at https://manufacturingsupport.ecisolutions.com/s

For those that had login credentials to the old Max, Macola, or JobBOSS customer portal, you will be receiving an email with your credentials to the new site. If you didn't have access previously, you can use the link on the Manufacturing Community login page itself to request that an account be set up for you.

We encourage you to begin using the new Manufacturing Community pages as of 10/29/19. While you can still access the content on the old customer portals, we will be deprecating those sites on 11/30/19. After that point, attempts to access the old sites will automatically redirect you to the new community pages.

We welcome you to the new ECI Manufacturing Community pages and hope you find them useful and easier to navigate than our past portal pages.


Effective immediately, the new User name format is required in order to log into the JobBOSS Customer Portal. The new format requires you to enter eci2web\ before your user name. For example:
User name: eci2web\JDOE1234567
Password: Use your regular password associated with the Customer Portal

JobBOSS Support represents people, tools and services that focus on providing high quality technical and application support assistance. Our customer support team has extensive industry and product knowledge, which is validated in many situations through certification programs.

Support's primary responsibilities are:

  • Create new content and maintain the Customer Knowledge Base
  • Troubleshooting issues with JobBOSS software applications when you experience unexpected results.
  • Providing high-level guidance and offering tips and techniques regarding JobBOSS existing products.
  • Reproducing product defects and providing alternative solutions to maintain stability until the defect is corrected.
  • Validate and enter enhancement requests to be considered for future functionality within JobBOSS.

Hours of Operation

JobBOSS support center is open Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CST, excluding holidays observed by JobBOSS.

The JobBOSS Support team can be reached using one of the following methods:
Customer Portal: Coming Soon
Phone 1-877-524-3577
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We look forward to working with you within Support.

Before Contacting Support

In order for JobBOSS Support to resolve your request in the most time effective manner, please review the list of pertinent information below and have this information available when you log your request via the Customer Portal or when you place a call. Doing so will help ensure a timely response.

  • Your JobBOSS account number and contact details (name, email address, and telephone number).
  • Product name and Version number of the software installed that is in question.
  • Details of your request (e.g., error messages and how to reproduce the error). If you are logging via the Customer Portal, please include screen shots and output examples.
  • Description of the problem's frequency and predictability (e.g., intermittently, each time function is used, etc.)
  • Description of the problem's impact (e.g., Does it impact all users? Does it occur on all PCs/Workstations?)
  • You may be asked to confirm your hardware configuration, operating system, database, middleware, or other integration software.