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Custom Solutions for JobBOSS

Extend the usability of your JobBOSS ERP application

Do you have business processes or existing systems that don't quite fit into the core JobBOSS application? Work with our custom department to create an integrated solution.

Push and Pull JobBOSS Data

From imports to data migrations the custom solutions team can extract data from external applications into JobBOSS to address your business needs. The inverse function is also available to push JobBOSS data to an external application (ex: CRM or Accounting applications such as Sage, General Dynamics, SaleForce and ACT!).


Our custom report writers are skilled in editing JobBOSS reports or creating new ones from scratch based on your business requirements. Crystal Reports and SSRS reporting are two well-known industry reporting tools designed to retrieve data in a way that works for you.

Custom Catalog of Offerings

To help provide tools quickly, our custom catalog contains some of the more frequently requested utilities and reports. View the JobBOSS Custom Catalog.

No Risk or Financial Investment

All inquiries for custom software development include a process of gathering requirements, creation of written proposal, and lastly development and delivery of the finished product. This process ensures that you are onboard with what the scope of the project is, the cost and timeline for the creation and delivery before you need to commit to the project.

Custom Services

  • User Defined Reports
  • Utilities
  • Integrations
  • Data Migrations