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NEW! Elite Learning Pass Training Plan

Empowering your manufacturing team with a blend of in-depth JobBOSS software training accessible 24/7, 365 days a year.

The new Elite Learning Pass training plan from JobBOSS is an all-access pass to every training course JobBOSS offers! This includes both live, instructor-led online and regional workshops* along with access to recordings of all online courses. Whether you learn best with a live instructor or in a self-paced environment, the Elite Learning Pass provides flexibility for all learning styles.

Face with headset

Instructor-Led Online Training

Live training without leaving your shop. Instructor-led courses include hands-on exercises.

Video Player

Recorded Training Sessions

Over 100 brief, focused training videos available 24/7.

United States Outline

Regional Workshops

Training workshops held around the US provide hands-on learning and peer-to-peer interactions.

Elite Learning Pass

Live, Online Courses

  • JobBOSS Core: Quoting Through Shipping
  • Accounting
  • Data Collection
  • Sales Order Processing
  • ShopBOSS
  • Advanced Deep Dives
  • Crystal Reports
  • Microsoft Office Reporting
  • Exact Synergy Enterprise
  • Vineyardsoft KnowledgeSync

Regional Training Workshops*

  • Job Control 2-Day
  • Scheduling
  • Material Management
  • Job Costing
  • *8 Registrations per contract year

    Maximum of 2 registrations per class monthly (unless extra space available)

* * Pricing is per JobBOSS Seat

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See what our customers have to say about JobBOSS training.


"Excellent course. Learned a lot. Much more confident now on implementation. A lot of information but not too overwhelming because the information was delivered appropriately. Way above expectations and a good selling point for the software." - Jason Cowen, Precision Metals Inc

“Thank you for offering the Job Control course! So many things that companies are doing incorrectly could be avoided if they had taken this class first.”
- Shelia Freeman, CopperFab

“Through training courses from JobBOSS, we have learned the extent to which we were not using our JobBOSS software the way it was designed. Now, we are much better equipped to be successful and operate more efficiently. Since taking these classes, we have a more accurate inventory and a better receiving system through our purchasing department, and we continue to find new functionality that we can use to our advantage. As a company, we never realized how powerful this product really was, and how much time we could save by doing things right the first time. Thank you for offering these classes!” -Brenda Capetillo, CopperFab

“JobBOSS training has been critical to the success of our JobBOSS implementation. The training we received not only provides our employees with the solid skill set they require to do their jobs well, but it also allowed us to receive a higher level of buy-in from our employees. Because of JobBOSS training, our employees have achieved high success levels with our JobBOSS implementation. We could not have attained that level of commitment without this training.” - Russ DeVries, CPA, VP & CFO, D&M Metal Products

"Great course. Very informative. Great instructor, energetic and kept my interest. A great classroom environment was created." - Angela Vlismas, PV Engineering

"Very helpful for me to take class with people from other companies. I was able to relate real life situations, that my company either has not used and should or may not, but helps in understanding lessons." - Mabel Pecos, Sandia National Laboratory

"The sessions are taught by experienced JobBOSS trainers who aren’t afraid to go into detail and answer tough questions. I learned tips, tricks, and best practices that I wouldn’t have found anywhere else. In my opinion, too many companies work against their software systems every day. JobBOSS training will show you how to leverage the system’s strength to support your company’s success." - Josh Church, Quality Manager, Vanderhorst Brothers, Inc.