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JobBOSS 2018

More insightful.
More efficient.
More JobBOSS than ever.

Powerful New Dashboards

Meet the new JobBOSS 2018!

JobBOSS 2018 offers a whole new level of power, flexibility and efficiency.

A range of business-boosting features are designed to help you work on your own terms. It’s all about staying in control, from displaying at-a-glance, real-time business data you can act on to working more flexibly and intuitively than ever.

JobBOSS 2018 Introduction by General Manager,
Matt Heerey


JobBOSS 2018 Overview Video


What's new with JobBOSS 2018?

Insightful new dashboards

Insightful new dashboards

Display sales, performance and efficiency data for powerful insights that you can immediately act on.

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Extended field lengths

Longer form fields give you the flexibility to use your preferred naming conventions.

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Auto and Push Installers

Faster and easier upgrades save you time and headaches, especially if you run JobBOSS on multiple machines.

Additional new JobBOSS 2018 features:

  • JobBOSS Toolbox: DB Manager has a new look, and is now more intuitive – so it’s faster and easier to find what you need.
  • SQL Server 2017 compliant: Make the most of your SQL server without running into any incompatibility issues.
  • Integration with Lojic Dashboards: Open a whole new level of insight across your entire shop to spot and fix issues before they cost you money.

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