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Consulting & Training Bundles Packages

Efficient and Effective Quote and Order Processing
Discounted Pricing: $2808 (excludes optional classes) $495 Savings
Track 1: Quote Processing
Track 2: Order Processing
Track 2.5: Assembly Level Job Creation* (optional)
JobBOSS Sales Order Processing- Flexibility in Order Processing* (optional)
*Optional classes can be added to the quote separately and discounted by 15%

2 days onsite (16 hours)

  • Analysis of costing methods
  • Analysis of work center rates
  • Building detailed quotes (Time and Material + Markup or Profit %)
  • Request for quotes from vendors
  • Reporting and monitoring of open quotes
  • Discuss different purchase order types received (MTO, MTS, Contract Orders)
  • Releases vs multiple delivery dates
  • Pros and cons of linking jobs to sales orders (if module owned)

Audience: Shop owner/President, Cost Accounting Resource/Controller, Estimating/Quoting Department, Order Entry/Office Manager

Essentials to Increasing On Time Deliveries
Discounted Pricing: $3318 - $586 Savings

Track 3: Scheduling
JobBOSS ShopBOSS Scheduling Essentials

2 days onsite (16 hours)

  • Analysis of existing late jobs
  • Analysis of estimated routings
  • Analysis of job time collection
  • Material planning and outside services
  • Infinite vs finite scheduling
  • Scheduling by exception
  • Managing “hot” new orders with existing WIP
  • Proactive vs reactive scheduling
  • Job splits vs releases

Audience: Production Control resource, Purchasing

Streamlining Material Management
Discounted Pricing: $2808 - $495 Savings

Track 4: Material Management

2 days onsite (16 hours)

  • Evaluating current material set up, purchasing and inventory reports (data clean-up)
  • Purchasing
  • Pros of creating material library records vs miscellaneous
  • Inventory control
  • Raw material naming conventions and set up
  • Managing inventory of cut lengths of raw stock
  • Lot control benefits for costing and material tracking purposes
  • BOM creation, (quotes, jobs, templates)
  • Vendor requests for quotes
  • Mins/Max/Reorder points
  • Buying to stock vs buying to the job recommendations
  • Inventory costing preference settings
  • Material planning module and report (FG and purchased items)

Audience: Purchasing Agent/Buyer, Controller/Owner, Order Entry