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BPA - Packages

All of our Business Process Assessments are molded around our customers’ needs. BPAs can be broadly focused to cover your entire shop, or they can be focused to specific problem areas such as:

  • Accounting
  • Production
  • Job Costing
  • Etc.

This review combines a database assessment with a system process evaluation. Combining these two crucial analysis along with collecting information from your key players, the consultant gains a perspective of your full business from quote to cash. Halfway through day two, the consultant will compile the findings into a comprehensive spreadsheet comparing your current process with our recommended improvements. At the end of day two, a final review of the findings will be delivered to the management team providing suggestions for the future.

  • Database Examination
  • Process Assessment
  • 2-Day On-Site
  • Review

The 3-day BPA is inclusive of the evaluations performed in the 2-day BPA. In addition, this assessment includes an additional day on-site for initial training on the short-term opportunities to get you realizing benefits from your assessments immediately. Learn what opportunities you have, and start acting on them before your consultant leaves.

  • Database Examination
  • Process Assessment
  • 3-Day On-Site
  • Recommendations
  • Goal Setting
  • Short-term goal training