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Prior to working for JobBOSS, Andrea worked in manufacturing for 7 years as an Inventory Manager and Production Planner for a large manufacturing company. She also worked for a smaller manufacturing company in an accounting capacity with responsibilities including month/year end inventory, monthly closings, day to day accounting transactions and material cost accounting prior to joining the JobBOSS team.

Being a trainer for 8 years, Andrea has trained over 4,000 customers to understand JobBOSS and Synergy features and functions and how to use both to benefit their company.

Andrea believes scheduling any shop environment is loaded with challenges! But she enjoys the challenge of analyzing customer processes and shop resources to configure JobBOSS in the most efficient way possible to ensure capacity and load information is correct, up to date and reliable.

Tracy is an accomplished professional with the demonstrated ability to perform in fast-paced, competitive environments while improving quality control and overseeing tight budgets. He is a technically oriented executive with diverse and progressive experience in product development, manufacturing production, operations management, project management, purchasing and budgets. He is also adept at analyzing markets and working with customers to uncover unmet needs—and then developing marketing, sales and process strategies to meet those needs. One constant of his professional experience is the ability to produce results.

Edmond Melnychuk has more than 20 years’ experience in the software industry, fourteen of which as an Exact manufacturing and application consultant and developer. His impressive track record includes creative solutions, data migrations and database repair or recovery. He has performed countless JobBOSS installs, upgrades and Access to SQL conversions. Edmond is a sought after resource for on-site solutions and training.

Rick’s background encompasses more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing, operations, quality, engineering, and ERP software. Rick has held many key management positions throughout his career and understands the challenges you face each day. His deep knowledge for JobBOSS and manufacturing allows Rick to critically look at your business and improve process flow using unique Exact JobBOSS features such as: Wireless Data Collection, Crystal Reports, Material Management and Scheduling. Rick is also very equipped to educate your team through implementation and general JobBOSS training.