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BPA - Testimonials

“We contracted with Job Boss Software for a BPA analysis in October 2010. We had been using Job Boss since 1997 and felt that we needed to use it better. The actual two day analysis was done over, late November. It was done with the involvement of all participants using the operating system at Brant Form Teck. All players’ comments were documented and reported to us in the report, so to give us a training plan for the company. These interviews were done professionally and all gained some knowledge of the software from the consultant. This analysis was quite intensive and opened our eyes to how badly we were using JOB Boss. The report came about two to three weeks after the visit. The report gave us a clear understanding of where we stood now, where we could go, and with a road map of how to get there. It had specific recommendations on how to get there with the most effective way possible. We highly recommend this format for gaining better utilization of your existing JOB Boss operating system”.

- Vic VanDeCappelle, Brant Form Teck, Ltd

“The Exact BPA we had implemented helped reduce our data entry steps quite a bit, thus helping increase our business by 20% without adding any overhead costs.”

- Kevin Beach, R&D Specialty Manco

“The BPA with JobBOSS helped us document a plan to reduce our reliance on external systems and increase our utilization of JobBOSS. Hearing process recommendations from an external, impartial expert resonated very well with our internal staff and energized them to move forward. The consultant that came on site was very professional and very knowledgeable about JobBOSS and manufacturing best practices which is evidenced in the 56 page detailed report we received from her.”

- John Johnston, Operations Manager, R&M Manufacturing Co., LLC

A supplier of equipment and parts to the oil and gas, farming, mining and engineering industries wanted to make the transition from a traditional family-type business to a modern organization. With strong customer ties built up over 50 years, it wanted to ensure it retained the best of the old while improving efficiency behind the scenes. The question was: where to start? Having read about the JobBOSS BPA, they thought it could help them learn from people who knew their systems and their business. The company didn’t want accountants; they wanted “techie, operational” consultants who could “look for ways to make things better.” The company had three goals: to discover what they didn’t know; to learn how to implement JobBOSS properly; and to get some insights into how to change. The resulting BPA report surprised the company – pleasantly. It helped slash paperwork by convincing people to trust the software. It identified major opportunities to standardize, streamline and increase the efficiency of the inventory and picking and packing processes. It led to the introduction of a “warehouse concept” in which staff can be more proactive. And the willingness of the consultants to show, as well as explain, the benefits of a change proved a powerful persuader in itself.