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Who Needs a BPA?

A JobBOSS Business Process Assessment helps you to improve your efficiency today and manage change for tomorrow – without having to re-engineer your business. Although there is never a bad time to check the efficiency of processes, there are a number of triggers that can make a BPA particularly worthwhile:

Manage and capitalize on expansion, diversification, reorganizations and strategic changes to your business.

Minimize the loss of knowledge that happens when key people move on to a new position or expansion or reduction in workforce occurs.

Becoming lean and efficient with processes, come out stronger from economic downturns with increasing efficiency and profitability.

Remove the uncertainty over the need for a major IT investment. Have a clear picture and plan for required resources and tools needed to support your business goals. Remove the uncertainty of whether added resources are truly needed. A BPA helps in all of these cases.

Common signs you need a BPA:

  1. Do you ship from sales orders (inventory)?
    How confident are you of the accuracy of your finished part costs? If there are missed costs profitability reporting will be inaccurate. Commonly shops do not take the time to analyze job costing before putting parts into stock. This results in incorrect cost vs. project reporting.
  2. Have you ever noticed that the “completed quantity” on the job isn’t correct when looking at the Job Cost Detail or other similar report?
    Often when customers ship a partial from stock and partial from WIP, they are unaware that JobBOSS must be “told” to get the parts from stock. If not done correctly the completed quantity will be inaccurate, throw off production costs, and the inventory will still show in stock.
  3. Do you buy materials to jobs rather than picking from inventory?
    What happens with any leftover materials? Are they stacking up against a wall? How can you have them be visible in JobBOSS to use on other jobs?
  4. Are Customers expecting materials traceability for their products?
    How much time is spent prepping the paperwork for each shipment? JobBOSS can simplify the process in a number of ways.