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A Business Process Assessment

1. Preparation

A BPA begins with a deep dive analysis of your database to find problem areas of your business. This analysis serves to provide an initial understanding of your business, helps guide the BPA focus and provides useful metrics for future benchmarking.

1. BPA Health Check
2. BPA Planning

2. Analysis

The analysis phase starts with an on-site meeting with key stakeholders to determine the main areas for improvement within your business. We then work with your internal resources to identify opportunities for growth in your business processes such as; effectiveness, accuracy and communications. Upon completion, the consultant analyzes the information and reviews options for maximize your shop’s efficiency by leveraging your software more effectively. The findings and suggestions will be placed into a report that explains the findings and provides steps to make improvements in your JobBOSS environment. The BPA report also includes suggested projects and timelines for implementation.

3. BPA Process Review
4. BPA Report Development
5. BPA Plan for Change
6. BPA Decisions Meeting

3. Implementation

The final step is to implement the recommended plan for change from the BPA. Following implementation, around three to six months we recommend a BPA progress assessment to see how you are adhering to the new standards.

7. BPA Implementation
8. BPA Progress Assessment